FraudScope – FWA Vigilance During The COVID-19 Pandemic

FraudScope is the only proven AI-based platform designed from the ground up to automatically find sophisticated emerging fraud, waste and abuse schemes that nobody has seen before. Protect your plan with the most advanced tools today! Click on the button to the right to learn how to protect your plan from COVID-19 related FWA schemes.


Every year billions of dollars are lost to fraud, waste and abuse in Healthcare

We are changing that!

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FraudScope is an AI-assisted platform that accelerates the identification of fraud, waste, and abuse

Our comprehensive claims investigation platform utilizes proven and patented AI-based technology to empower investigators and analysts to derive insights and conduct full investigations of suspect claims. Some of the unique benefits of FraudScope’s offering are:

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  1. Smarter Investigation – Intuitive, easy-to-use investigative tool suite enhances productivity by speeding up investigations

  2. Better Detection – Proactive AI automatically identifies fraud schemes, including new and emerging ones, with low false positives before claims are paid

  3. Easier Collaboration – Integrated workflow and case management supports collaboration and sharing across the organization

FraudScope - FWA Vigilance During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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